Xenon 215
Year 2014
Duration 49:38
# Tracks 10
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To Coexist Is To Surrender

Xenon is the third album in the As Embers Turn To Dust story. It completes Part I of the story and ends on a cliffhanger.

Story Overview Edit

You finally find The Just City on Empyrean and marvel at its beauty. However, you eventually realize that this Just City is controlled by machines and lacks any human element. Alithea wants to use you to destroy Empyrean, you agree to help her.

Alithea re-establishes the connection to your Titan. You are Titanborn. You remember your name: Amyntas. You re-enter the cryostasis chamber and Alithea queues up the memories of The Siege of Anicetus (leading into To Coexist Is To Surrender). You will remember why Empyrean must be destroyed.

Alternate Artwork Edit

Xenon poster

Xenon Poster

Acheron is the smaller planet, Empyrean is the larger planet.[1]

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Xenon 07:37
2 Alithea 04:54
3 Zoticus 04:06
4 Terrea 05:26
5 Tartarus 05:41
6 Phedra 04:47
7 Thales 06:55
8 Erebus 03:28
9 Amyntas 03:49
10 Actaeon 02:55
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