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Duration 5:54
Track Number 4
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Tyrannos (Τύραννος, too-ran-nos) is the Ancient Greek root-word for "tyrant", but in the historical context refers to an authoritarian ruler without reference to the character of said ruler.

Story OverviewEdit

Enyo uses the Allodynia Lance on herself. It is a painful and messy process, but it succeeds, making her the first augmented human.

Additional Artwork Edit

Tyrannos art

Tyrannos concept art


Fortified in this shape-shifting cauldron
Sterilized by the draconic Vulcan
From ashes to life, the infernal birthright
Through savage pain, she will evolve her mind
Monsters are being bred from famine-stricken flocks
Unconsciously evolving for combat

The children of Hyperion
All vassals under Cepheon
Behold the mother of all machine gods

Her hands bound by wire
Synthetic strands lash at her back
As the blood rushes her mask
It spills, soaking her neck and chest

Still awake her legs buckle and sway
As servos of steel hold her in place
This spasm dance, a godly display
Screams turn to laughs as air leaks away

Dictatress, bellow your war song
A soaring howl that would horrify the old gods
Children of Empyrean
Descendants of Acheron
Behold the mother of all machine gods

Her hands bound by wire
Synthetic strands lash at her back
Her eyes roll upwards
As blood turns them black
There is a word
From the old world
Unknown in this golden age
Everything they have ever known is peace
The ever-present heresy of unrelenting apathy
Low passions, be praised
Andara, forgive me

Trivia Edit

Mechina - Tyrannos (lyric video)

Mechina - Tyrannos (lyric video)

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