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This wiki is dedicated to the music of Mechina and specifically the epic scifi story told through their albums.

This is my attempt to document a story I don't fully understand. I'm hoping others will correct me where I'm wrong. I don't want to describe my interpretation of the story, I want to describe the "actual" story (as Joe Tiberi intended).

Notes from Joe -- Updated 1/2/2020

Reading this Wiki[]

Each song has its own wiki page, which includes my interpretation of that track. To learn the story as it progresses, visit each song's page in turn.

If you're too lazy to read every song's wiki page, ---> read the Story Overview <---, which is my attempt to put all the pieces together.

Conversely, if you want to read an in-depth analysis and rampant speculation of themes in the story, check the Analysis page.

As Embers Turn to Dust[]

The story told through Mechina's albums is titled "As Embers Turn to Dust". It includes new planets being colonized over centuries and a war of man-made gods and city-sized machines called Titans. Mechina releases the story as full-length albums with a "single" between each album. These singles fill in missing pieces of the story and bridge the gap between albums. Mechina has a habit of releasing full-length albums on January 1 of each year and a single sometime during the summer.

Main Story

1. Conqueror

- Andromeda

2. Empyrean

- Cepheus

3. Xenon

The main part of the story consists of three full-length albums (Conqueror, Empyrean, Xenon)
with a single between each album (Andromeda, Cepheus).


4. Acheron

5. Progenitor

After Xenon leaves the story on a cliffhanger, the next couple releases go back to fill some gaps in the story.

7. Telesterion

8. Siege

The Characters[]

The Soldier of Earth - Fought in the war on Earth (one of the main characters)

Amyntas - Titanborn soldier from Acheron (one of the main characters)

Alithea - Titanborn soldier from Acheron who intends to use Amyntas to get revenge on Empyrean

Enyo - Alithea's twin sister

Andara - Alithea's and Enyo's mother

Earthborn - Inhabitants of Acheron

Titanborn - Augmented humans linked to the Titans

Titan Guard - Bodyguards of the Titanborn

UNI - Utilitarian Nation Initiative, one of two global powers on Earth

IGC - the other global power on Earth

Cepheus - Militarized division of Empyrean


Titans - City-sized machines on Empyrean

Specters - Transport ships

Andromeda - Spaceship which you use to flee Earth

Nefeli - Alithea's personal ship


Earth - Destroyed during a religious war

Empyrean - Planet inhabited by machines and cyborgs

Acheron - Planet inhabited by humans

Erebus - The bridge between Empyrean and Acheron

Cepheus Ring - Space stations which encircle both Empyrean and Acheron

The Just City - The Utopia you are seeking

Early Discography[]

Albums released prior to Conqueror which are not part of the As Embers Turn To Dust story.

Assembly Of Tyrants

Tyrannical Resurrection

Covers, Remixes, etc.

Latest activity[]