Telesterion cover
Year 2019
Duration 59:14
# Tracks 8
Preceded By:
As Embers Turn To Dust
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The Telesterion ("Initiation Hall" from Gr. τελείω (TEL-ee-o), 'to complete, to fulfill, to consecrate, to initiate, perfect') was a great hall and sanctuary in Eleusis, one of the primary centers of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Devoted to Demeter (Goddess of Fertility and Agriculture)  and Persephone (Goddess of Vegitation and Queen of the Underworld), these initiation ceremonies were the most sacred and ancient of all the religious rites celebrated in Greece.

Story Overview Edit

The story will fit between As Embers Turn to Dust and Empyrean[1]. It will be about the creation of the Titanborn and Enyo's time spent analyzing them.[2]

Additional Artwork Edit

Telesterion logo

Telesterion Mechina Logo

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 The Etimasia 6:13
2 Realm Breaker 7:29
3 The Allodynia Lance 7:53
4 Tyrannos 5:53
5 Gene Heresy 10:44
6 Telesterion 8:47
7 The Archivarius Chaos Ritual 6:48
8 Homeworld Salient 6:12
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