Acheron 215
Album Acheron
Duration 03:00
Track Number 1
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2. Earth-Born Axiom

Proprioception means "awareness of the position of one's body"

Story Overview Edit

Amyntas is badly damaged after the Siege of Anicetus and his body has been found by enemy forces. They initiate a memory wipe, essentially ripping wires out of Amyntas[1]. Amyntas' computer interface makes one last effort to figure out where he is before deactivating.

Story Details Edit

The events which take place in this track are moments after the Empyrean Extermination Sequence cripples the city of Anicetus (and most of Acheron) during the song "To Coexist is to Surrender". 

At the beginning of the track, Amyntas lies in the rubble, having trouble breathing.  [All these sound effects are within the track]  Three Empyrean soldiers who landed after the extermination sequence come across Amyntas' body.  They radio in for orders and receive memory fragmentation orders towards Amyntas.  [Hence why Amyntas has no memory during all of Xenon, which takes place after this event.]  The soldiers complete their memory frag and continue hunting for others who are succumbing from the impact.

After the memory wipe, Amyntas' biometric interface attempts to recover the data loss, only to result in its resources being used for basic biometric and bodily functions (Proprioception).

Lyrics Edit

[Empyrean Soldier]
Cepheon, link this transmission
Cepheon, sentient located
Requesting orders
I repeat, sentient located
Requesting orders
Orders received
Memory frag in progress

[Amyntas/Listener’s Interface]
Systems compromised
Internal data loss detected
Memory cluster... Access denied
Initializing recovery protocol
Protocol failed
Allocating remaining resources to proprioception 
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