Year 2016
Duration 50:20
# Tracks 8
Preceded By:
The World We Lost
Followed By:
As Embers Turn To Dust

Story Overview Edit

Progenitor takes place after the events of Conqueror. It describes how the first settlers arrived on Acheron.

After 110 years of cryosleep, the humans are awakened when the ship's AI finds a suitable planet for settling, Acheron. Many of the humans are unable to survive this extended period of cryosleep and succumb to cryoshock within hours of waking. Others have fallen into a coma and cannot be woken. The ship's AI converts these humans into Titanborn but they still don't wake. Anicetus, the first Titan, detaches from the ship and begins the terraforming process on the surface.

Decades pass and new generations are born as the survivors wait aboard the ship, circling Acheron. The Titanborn become revered as a new religion is created around "those bound by frost"[1].

Eventually, Anicetus calls to the ship: the planet is ready to support human life. The humans finally land on Acheron and walk on its surface. The call also wakes Amyntas, the first Titanborn.

  1. Anagenesis

Additional Artwork Edit

Return signal found
Progenitor poster

Progenitor Poster, depicting Andara

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Mass Locked 1:40
2 Ashes of Old Earth 6:26
3 Starscape 7:31
4 Cryoshock 6:26
5 The Horizon Effect 7:53
6 Anagenesis 8:51
7 Planetfall 5:57
8 Progenitor 6:08
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