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Conqueror 215
Album Conqueror
Duration 4:31
Track Number 5
Preceded By:
4. Non Serviam
Followed By:
6. Internecion

Story Overview Edit

The IGC is implementing a scorched earth policy. Their intent is to kill everything, including their own citizens.

Story Details Edit

Additional Artwork Edit

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Lyric Artwork

Lyrics Edit

[Radio Transmission]

Recovering from the recent communications
blackout, UNI Intel System has intercepted IGC
radio signals, 50 kilometers east of yesterday's
impact zone. Intel suggests IGC forces have
initiated a scorched earth policy, which has
transformed into a genocidal campaign towards
their own civilian population.

[Interface speaking]

Initializing video feed.

Trivia Edit

- After the last sentence on the lyrics (Initializing video feed) you can hear people screaming in Arabic language. This probably means that someone was supposed to be observing the nuclear fallout from the distance.

- At 4:00, you can clearly hear someone shouting: Allahu Akbar!

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