Conqueror 215
Year 2011
Duration 37:44
# Tracks 9
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Conqueror is the first album of the As Embers Turn To Dust story and it's where the story begins. It is 2156. There are two global superpowers on Earth: the UNI and IGC. They are at war and you are a soldier for the UNI.

Story Overview Edit

The two world superpowers are at war. This is essentially a war over differing religious beliefs. As you fight in this war you begin to despise religion in all its forms. You feel as if religion has shackled humanity, preventing them from reaching their full potential. Humans are capable of anything, they can conquer the stars. As the IGC implements a scorched earth policy and nukes everything, including their own people, you escape the Earth and leave everything behind on the spaceship Andromeda.

Alternate Artwork Edit

Conqueror poster

Conqueror Poster

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Incipient Tragoedia 02:26
2 Pray To The Winds 06:01
3 Anti-Theist 03:44
4 Non Serviam 03:44
5 [ error 36_48.58_connection Lost ] 04:31
6 Internecion 05:21
7 The Iron Law 05:26
8 Conqueror 03:28
9 AD Astra 03:03
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