The name Amyntas means "defender" or "protector" in Greek.

Amyntas is the main character of the story. Amyntas was a child during Anicetus' journey from the Earth to Acheron. During that journey, Anicetus' A.I. chose Amyntas to be its Titanborn. When Acheron's terraforming process completed, Amyntas was the first Titanborn to wake. By this time, a religion had been created around the Titanborn and Amyntas was revered by the other survivors. Many years later, Amyntas fought and was badly injured during the Siege of Anicetus. Empyrean forces wiped his memory so Alithea gave Amyntas the memories of The Soldier of Earth to help his mind recover and put his body back into cryosleep. After healing, Alithea gave him her memories of the Siege of Anicetus to remind him of who he was[1]. He then remembered he was the "emperor of titans" and "defender of Acheron"[2].

Erebus lyrics

Amyntas as of Xenon.

Cryostasis Simulation lyrics

Amyntas awaking from cryosleep in Cryostasis simulation 2632 01.

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