Xenon 215
Album Xenon
Duration 3:49
Track Number 9
Preceded By:
8. Erebus
Followed By:
10. Actaeon

Amyntas is a Greek name meaning "defender" or "protector"

Story Overview Edit

Now connected to your Titan, you remember your previous life, along with your name: Amyntas.

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Amyntas lyrics

Lyric Artwork

Lyrics Edit

The transfer has halted
Memory frozen in place
My heart, my home, my life now restored
What was lost in the blackness of
space has been found
A life to reclaim
I awake in this silent room
A fleeting sense of direction

Let me remember the soft northern rains
Let me feel the warmth of the sun
Let me remember how to let the tears fall
Let me remember her eyes

[Like two worlds bound by blood and steel
A bond turns to war
Forcing one side to kneel]

Once put to rest in the halls of gods and kings
I awaken to the machine, breathing
Its mechanical heartbeat in sync with
the glow of its eye
Now locking with mine

[Only humans will
endure the cruelty of time]

Trivia Edit

There was an unheard part of the lyrics

Reaching for her I grasp only air
I feel the pieces coming together


Sentient #2154
Genome mapping initialized
Cryostasis module initialized
Biometric scan initialized
Neurological output augmentation initialized
Genome mapping complete
Home world

Welcome back human

These lines were found in the official lyrics posted online but were not included in the final song.

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