Acheron 215
Year 2015
Duration 66:15
# Tracks 11
Preceded By:
To Coexist Is To Surrender
Followed By:
The World We Lost

This album begins right after the events of To Coexist Is To Surrender and I think it ends around when you woke up during Empyrean (with your memory wiped).

Story Overview Edit

Empyrean forces have destroyed the surface of Acheron. All survivors have escaped on specters to hide in the Cepheus Ring around Acheron. Empyrean forces then lock these survivors within the Cepheus Ring so they can't escape. Amyntas and Alithea enter cryosleep and intend to get revenge on Empyrean by waking up the Titans.

Alternate Artwork Edit

Acheron poster

Acheron Poster

Track Listing Edit

# Title Time
1 Proprioception 03:00
2 Earth-Born Axiom 08:31
3 Vanquisher 06:46
4 On the Wings of Nefeli 07:24
5 The Halcyon Purge 05:04
6 Lethean Waves 04:56
7 Ode to the Forgotten Few 06:59
8 The Hyperion Threnody 09:34
9 Adrasteia 02:56
10 Invictus Daedalus 06:35
11 The Future Must Be Met 04:28
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